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Guerilla marketing, at its best, surprises people and potential customers in a positive way. It meshes human emotion and marketing strategy to raise awareness about a product or service at the right moment, at the right time.

Think about Coca-Cola’s Happiness Machine, S...

March 21, 2017

Everyone in the business of nonprofit management know that “not-for-profit” organizations cannot earn profits for their founders and that all of the proceeds earned must be acquired by way of donations, grants, fundraising, endowments, membership and program fees and s...

Beats by Dr. Dre, Gmail, the Facebook “like” button, Java, Sony PlayStation. These products, icons and services, and many more, are now part of our lives – and some of us could not imagine living without them. But very few know these names were the result of innovative...

What is a Millennial, really? You hear this word every now and then, uttered by one pundit after another, relayed by traditional and social media alike. Simply defined, a Millennial is someone born between 1981 and 2000. Millennials are, in essence, the next generation...


“Social capital” means fame, goodwill or recognition you have amassed because of your work, achievements, professional network or social activism.


Traditionally, social capital meant goodwill an entrepreneur – or any individual, for that matter – has gathered from var...

November 14, 2014


Entrepreneurs-in-residence are successful businesspeople – and sometimes prominent members of the nonprofit world – who dedicate a specific amount of time doing research or pursuing other academic pursuits, primarily on campus or at locales associated with an academic...

September 10, 2014

Nowadays, global business changes at such a stunning pace, entry-level professionals barely have time to acclimate themselves to a new company, a new competitive environment, or new operational requirements. The challenges faced by young workers include lack of experie...

 I know many of you are expecting me to mention Jay Z, 50 Cent, Russell Simmons, Mark Cuban or Daymond John when describing a serial entrepreneur, but I’m about to flip the script. I’m going to set this off by citing the godfather of serial entrepreneur, Mr. Benjamin F...

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5 Competitive Advantages To Help Nonprofits Think Like Entrepreneurs

March 21, 2017

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