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Resilience: From Killing Fields to Boardroom - The S.A.L.T Effect 


Salt has always been highly regarded as a preservative and flavor enhancer and in some cultures it was even considered a form of currency. Salt is also essential for digestion, proper nerve transmission and is found in our blood, sweat, and tears - our bodies need salt to survive. In Resilience: Killing Fields to Boardroom, Dr. Emad Rahim invites us on an inner journey of transformation, sharing how S.A.L.T. was a necessary component along the way. Dr. Rahim, a genocide survivor and refugee of the Khmer Rouge Killing Fields of Cambodia, developed the S.A.L.T. model of Surviving, Adapting, Loving and Transforming as a means of helping him overcome the struggles of his youth, including prejudice, abuse, childhood violence, and dyslexia. The city he grew up in, Syracuse New York is also known as the Salt City.

The Inclusive Leader: An Applied Approach to Diversity


This book is a renewal and expansion on their Amazon bestselling book Leading Through Diversity: Transforming Managers Into Effective Leaders where they revised and updated the topics of leadership vs. management, diversity and inclusion, change management, collaborative servant leadership, and team building. Further, they added new critical topics to leading in the new era, such as: diverse multinational organizations, and cyborgs and diversity and inclusion. Ultimately, this book goes beyond philosophical arguments of the past to "applied management" and "leadership in action" today and in the future.

Foundations of Social Responsibility 

ISBN-13: 978-1612295671

This book is a unique contribution to the subject of social responsibility and change management. Rahim, Berg, Neal and Richards build on their vast and diverse experience and expertise to translate academic concepts of social responsibility, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and change management into a practical roadmap for students as well as managers, executives, and business leaders. Foundations of Social Responsibility and Its Application to Change is an overview of contemporary aspects of change management and social responsibility such as tragedy of the commons, triple bottom line, and scale-free networks with ecological, social, and business systems. 




The Strangers I Know (Coming Soon)


The 4-Tions

ISBN-13: 978-1619333604

The 4-Tions is designed to provide you with fundamental job search strategies and practices to help you develop habits that will stay with you your entire professional life. Our intention is to create in you a desire to continue learning, adapting, and possibly even inventing new and more effective ways to present your skills to potential employers. The 4-Tions is not an exhaustive resource. In this ever-changing world of technology there is no way we could include everything and even if that were possible, 6-months from now you might find a different more suitable way to apply what you learn here to your specific situation. Also, employers and recruiters are always working to improve their job sourcing processes. We cannot predict what that might look like but we are certain of one thing - the best candidates will learn to change with technology and industry demands so they are always presenting themselves in the best and most current manner. 

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